The Bharat Army Cricket World Cup social media content 2019

Incepted in 1999, the Bharat Army is the official supporters club of Team India bringing together the passionate fans of Indian Cricket from all over the world under an organized supporters group that travels around the globe supporting the team.

The Bharat Army Travel was named as an ‘Official ICC Travel and Tours Partner’ for the Cricket World Cup 2019. Close to 11,000 Bharat Army members from 23 countries travelled to England and Wales to cheer for India.

To enhance the experience of the digital audience, the Bharat Army got Sportwalk on-board as the official creative agency that handled its social media channels and campaigns throughout the tournament.

Here is a visual tour of the various collaterals delivered over a span of two months.

Match Coverage

Player Illustrations

Engagement Content

Super Stats

Garnering a reach of over 2 million weekly, the Bharat Army’s social media platforms added over 110,000+ new followers with over 10,000+ registrations on their website for the membership during the span of the tournament.

Mascot Design

Campaign Posters


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