SportsHosts digital outreach and social media content 2020-21

Sportwalk was commissioned the digital outreach and content management project by SportsHosts from September 2020, ahead of the IPL.

SportsHosts, the world’s first global sports fan community partnered with us to market itself to the 2.5 million-strong followers on our digital platforms during the IPL 2020. The partnership yielded into hosting a Super Fan contest on every IPL team group on their platform, with plenty of prizes up for grabs. The contest saw an overwhelming response as over 2,400 cricket fans joined the community.

Outreach Campaign

Outreach Campaign

Over 150+ promotional stories and posts were made on our channels during the IPL 2020 season.

Hyderabad and Chennai contributed to over 40% of the audience during the campaign while Bangalore contributed to the most engagement along with those two cities.

Following the success of IPL 2020, SportsHosts extended its partnership with us to market itself on a regular basis to the Indian audience through our platforms while also building its own social media channel – ‘SportsHosts India’ to cater content specifically to the growing Indian sports market.

From May 2021, Sportwalk was also commissioned with creating graphics for their USA channels – based around basketball, baseball and other USA centric sports.

Social Media Content


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